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On-line Advertising in 2021

In the last two years a fundamental and revolutionary change in the way small businesses should advertise online has occurred. This is called Facebook/Instagram/Youtube Retargeting, click on the link for more information. 

Using this new technology, your business can advertise much more effectively than your competitors, who will almost certainly not be using the new technology yet. We can check if your competitors are using the new technology yet, if you would like us to do this then Contact Us. Using this new online advertising technology, you can beat your competitors and rapidly grow your business, through highly effective online advertising.

We at Oxford Digital Marketing are experts in this new technology, which is currently in fairly widespread use in the USA, but is as yet almost unused by small UK businesses. The reason why small UK businesses aren’t using it yet is because the UK-based advertising agencies have not yet marketed the technique to them, as small UK-based businesses can’t afford the fees charged by the UK-based ad agencies.

We at Oxford Digital Marketing are based in Thailand, meaning our costs are much lower and we can work with businesses who can’t afford to pay us lots of money in fees. Click here for more About Us.


We at Oxford Digital Marketing use the newest proven techniques to grow your business.

Search Engines are complex Beasts

Rellying on old fasioned SEO is not enough unless you have an unlimited budget. We will send you leads with strong buyer intent.

Brand Management

Not only do we re-target your potential customers so they don’t forget you, we will help you with innovative ideas that will make your business go viral

No Upfront Agency Fees

No need to take our word for it. You only pay on RESULTS! We invoice in arrears, so in the unlikely event that you are not happy with your results, you are free to walk away with no hard feelings..

“It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.” – Patricia Fripp

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Online advertising has progressed way beyond unconnected google and social media ads, and you need an agency to implement the connection between the two. A traditional Western ad agency needs to pay for an office and overheads, and these costs are passed on to the client. We don’t have an office, we at Oxford Digital Marketing are all digital nomads who work from home in countries where the living expenses are low. You don’t have to pay for an office like the one behind me. You, as a Small or Medium Sized Enterprise, can now afford an advertising campaign previously affordable only to big corporations, but only if you take advantage of our low rates. The following video is less than 10 minutes long and explains how we can massively boost your profits, using the latest online techniques. It is surely worth 10 minutes of your time to catch up with the latest developments in online marketing and to see how you can benefit from our zero-risk offer. You won’t be disappointed.

For those of you who aren’t yet using the latest 2021 digital marketing techniques, why don’t you follow me into the computer so that I can explain the latest technologies and how they can massively benefit your business.


Hi, this is Simon from Oxford Digital Marketing. I guess you are interested in online marketing, otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far into this video.

It is common knowledge that advertising in print media has hugely decreased, with the ad money being spent online instead. Last year, people spent 120 billion US dollars on Google ads, 80 billion dollars on Facebook ads and 40 billion dollars on YouTube ads.

I also guess that you, like almost all of us, are a recipient of online advertising. Very often, the ads are annoying, aren’t they, as you have no interest in the product or the service being offered? This is a waste of your time. It is also a waste of the advertiser’s money.

The good news is that there is now a new fix for this problem.

This fix is a leading-edge technique, still in its infancy in the online advertising market, which addresses the issue of wasting advertisers’ money by showing ads to uninterested people. Using the new technique, which is called retargeting, we only show our customer’s social media ads to people who have already expressed an interest in our customer’s product or service. The way we know that they have expressed an interest is that they have previously clicked on one of our customer’s Google ads, but not done anything further.  This technique, of showing social media ads to people who have previously searched for that product or service, is called retargeting and is highly effective?

For example, say a person wants to book a boat trip in Krabi province in Thailand (start including Fantasia vid, by ODM at the beginning and at the end) and searches on Google by keying in “boat trip Krabi”. We will then display them an ad for our customer. About 8% of people who see the ad will click on it. Of these people, about 15% go on to book something. So far this is standard on-line advertising practice, with nothing unusual or leading-edge about it. It is what we do next that is leading edge. The 85% of people who clicked on the ad but didn’t book are then retargeted with more ads on social media and also on other websites they visit.

So if someone clicks on the Google ad but doesn’t book, then the next day, when he or she opens Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other websites like Amazon, he or she is displayed an ad for the same boat trip. They are then displayed more ads on these platforms, massively increasing the chance that they will book. This retargeting hugely increases the profitability of our customer’s ad spend, because people are much more likely to book when displayed an ad for a product or service multiple times.

Until now this retargeting technique has only been within the financial reach of big companies. The good news is that now, through us, due to our state-of-the-art software and low overheads, retargeting is now affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs for short) too. For SMEs who start using it, they are the first or almost the first in their marketplace to do so, giving them a huge boost over their competitors.

This is how online advertising started. People would spend money on Google ads to get new customers. Then people started advertising on social media, specifically on Facebook, on YouTube and other platforms too, to get new customers. Now all that is yesterday’s technology. Here and now, is the leading edge of online advertising, where companies spend money on Google ads. Now, did the person buy? Yes, they did great, new customer. No, they didn’t buy, so what we do is we add them to the warm audience, and we retarget the warm audience by advertising on social media, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms. Did the person buy? Yes, they did, great, new customer. If they didn’t buy, what we do is retarget, again and again, on social media, until they do buy. 

The second recent change in the online advertising industry is the emergence of video as the primary delivery method, along with the simplification of the technology behind creating these videos, to the point where these professional videos have become within the reach of SMEs, not just big corporations. We at Oxford Digital marketing can relatively quickly create professional-quality video ads to form the basis of our customer’s ad campaigns.

There is also something completely different that we do with videos. We also literally give them away, to companies which are interested in using our services to boost their incomes. We just give a video away, as a nice-to-meet-you freebie. Here is an examples of a free dentistry promo video (start running those vids). This means that, for zero commitment, we can send you, as a potential customer, a free advertising video of your company, personalized with your company’s name, logo and other details. All we ask in return is that, after you receive your free video ad, you have a 20-minute video chat with us where we explain how the retargeting service described above, combined with the pro-quality videos, can massively boost your business.

You have every reason to be scared of doing this, as it is well known that the internet is crammed with scam artists. The reason you d       on’t have to be scared of employing us at Oxford Digital Marketing is that with us you don’t have to trust us, as you take no risks.

If at the end of the first month we haven’t delivered results which make you want to continue with us, you can simply say “good bye”. We’re confident that this won’t actually happen, as we will make sure that, at the end of the first month, you want to pay our first month’s fees and to continue with us.” This new technology, for the companies who are its first adoptors, will lead to snowballing leads and sales from the second and third months on, massively boosting business.

With us, you don’t have to give us your credit card or login details, or even sign a legally binding contract. You don’t need a legal contract as you are taking no risks. We are the people taking the risk, in that we might do a month’s work, and then get nothing for it. We accept this as our risk. You, on the other hand, are taking no legal, financial or business risk at all in doing business with us. Think of this as you paying us on results. Virtually every other Digital Marketing Agency requires their clients to pay up-front, and to sign a minimum 6 months, starting at upwards of 1,000 pounds a month for a small campaign.

The last big change in the online advertising world is the installation over much of the world of high-speed data lines supporting video chats. This means that business people can talk business without needing to meet face-to-face. It therefore means that an advertiser can employ an advertising agent located anywhere in the world.

There is a major advantage for you in doing this, because an ad agency located for example in India or Southeast Asia will charge less than half of what a Western ad agency would charge. Our agency is called Oxford Digital Marketing because I graduated from Oxford University, but we are based in Southeast Asia, so can offer you great value for money, as our living expenses here are low. The difference between us and an ad agency located in India is that, with us, you will have no communication problems, as we have native, mother-tongue speakers of English, Italian, French and German on our team. This also means that we understand the mindset of your potential customers, which is essential in order for us to design ad campaigns that appeal to your target market.